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Premises liability is an area of personal injury law that applies to accidents and injuries that occur on another's property and can be attributed to property owner negligence. An example would be a slip and fall accident at a grocery store, caused by a spill that was not promptly cleaned up by a store employee or identified with a "wet floor" sign until it was cleaned. There are a number of variables that may come into play with a premises liability claim, and it is therefore highly recommended that you discuss your right to compensation with an attorney. A premises liability lawyer can review the accident that caused your injuries to determine whether the property owner may be held accountable, what your claim may be worth and what to do at this point to seek fair compensation in a timely manner.

Whether your claim involves a slip and fall accident, stairway accident, escalator or elevator accident or fall, or an injury caused by falling merchandise or negligent security, you can find qualified lawyers in your area using our free online directory. It's fast and easy to compare legal professionals who handle premises liability claims near you.

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