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Warning Signs of Day Care Abuse

By Smith & Stallworth  Oct. 29, 2010 8:55a

The vast majority of day cares are run by good, caring people. There are, however, individuals out there that run childcare facilities who are guilty of abusing and neglecting children. These people are very talented and artful at deceiving parents at the expense of the children's health, safety and mental wellbeing, all in the pursuit of making an extra buck. As a parent, you have to maintain constant alertness and monitor your child's behavior on a daily basis in order to detect any questionable operations by your child's care providers.

Even though accidents do happen, most common accidents can usually be prevented. Often times these so called "accidents" were a direct result of lack of supervision or some sort of mistake on the day care staff's behalf on several different levels. Even if you don't suspect abuse, these are some warning signs you should look for:

  • Unexplained bruising or other injuries
  • Dirty face and/or hands
  • Ripped or torn clothing
  • Crying on a daily basis
  • Acting out
  • Withdrawn behavior
  • Fighting
  • Your child cries every time you leave
  • Your child acts out whenever you take them to day care
  • Flinching as out of fear of being struck
  • Fear of adults

Day care abuse can be very difficult to detect, especially when abuse occurs with a child who is too young to express themselves. Pay close attention to your child's behavior, if they continue to act up when you take them to daycare then this may be a sign that there is abuse taking place. Some day care providers will threaten the child and tell them they will harm them or a loved one if they "tell." If your child is old enough, be sure to ask him or her about the day's events at day care, in some cases certain forms of physical abuse can't be detected by the naked eye and a detailed doctor's examination may be needed in order to find evidence of injuries.

If you suspect injuries to your child, you can't afford to sit back and take a wait and see approach. It would be in your child's best interests to seek the advice of a Tampa child injury attorney at Smith & Stallworth. We are well versed in the laws pertaining to day care abuse and can help you see to it, that those guilty are brought to justice so they can no longer harm more innocent children in their care.

Contact a Tampa Child Injury Attorney today at our office for a free consultation.

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