Smith & Stallworth, Attorneys at Law Articles Late Fatality In Car Accident Leads To Renewed Investigation

Late Fatality In Car Accident Leads To Renewed Investigation

By Smith & Stallworth  May. 20, 2011 4:49p

Car Crash Victim Dies A Month Later From Complications

A woman who was involved in a horrific car crash in April died this month from what doctors say were complications due to the accident, spawning a renewed investigation into the incident.

An autopsy report indicated that the woman died due to injuries sustained from a six-car pile-up in April. According to the police record from the scene of the accident, the crash was caused by a 27-year old driver in a Ford F-150, who was texting on his phone when he plowed into the back of the victim’s PT Cruiser. The woman had stopped at a red light on U.S. 192 along with several other vehicles, all of whom were struck in a domino effect by the force of the initial collision.

Investigators on the scene reported that the Ford pickup was traveling at 45 miles per hour when it rammed the rear of the Cruiser, pushing it 20 feet into the backs of four other vehicles parked in front. The entire rear section of the victim’s car was crumpled into the front. Police said they did not believe his truck had braked or slowed down at all before the impact.

Drug Investigation Begins Late

Law enforcement officials arriving on the scene said they were not able to draw blood from the suspect, who voluntarily told police that he was taking prescription pills for a medical condition. A Florida Highway Patrol Trooper said that he was obviously impaired on the scene, but due to the lack of a serious injury, their options were limited.

While the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment, she was not believed to be in critical condition and was eventually released. While sleeping at her home on Friday, however, she died from complications caused by the crash. Police say they now must begin a homicide investigation to determine the fault of the driver, but that the time delay will hinder their progress.

The driver is already charged with a DUI, and now faces heightened charges pending the investigation results.

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