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Two Slain In Fatal Motorcycle Accident

By Smith & Stallworth  May. 25, 2011 11:53a

Helmet Not Enough To Save Motorcyclist

After their motorcycle crashed into a car pulling out of a driveway, a man and a woman died at the scene, reports The Ledger.

Investigators arrived at the scene of the crash to find shattered glass littered across the street, the report mentions. The collision occurred at about 7:30 p.m., on North Chestnut Road, near Ivey Lane. The two riders on the bike were traveling south down the neighborhood street on their 1992 Yamaha FZR 1, when they saw a car pulling out of a driveway ahead of them. The 38-year old male driver slammed on his brakes, swerving to avoid the vehicle, but he lost control of the motorcycle, falling over onto the right side and sliding hard into the side of the car.

His passenger, a 30-year old woman, was wearing a helmet. He had failed to strap one on. Neither passenger survived the crash, however, as they were thrown from the bike by the force of the collision. The two Lakeland natives died shortly afterward.

Driver Of Car Suffers Minor Injuries

The 20-year old driver of the 1996 Ford Thunderbird escaped with only minor injuries from the collision, though the windows of the car shattered upon impact, sending broken glass flying. Her young passenger, a 10-year old child, was unharmed by accident.

Police arrived shortly to begin taking measurements, speaking to witnesses, and studying the scene of the incident. No charges have yet been filed, but police are continuing the investigation to determine who may have been at fault for the collision.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you or a loved one has been wounded due to the negligent behavior of another driver, you deserve your day in court to see justice done. A Tampa personal injury attorney with skill and experience can help you bring your tormentor before the court of law and force him or her to answer for the actions that caused you injury. At Smith and Stallworth, we understand the severity of accidents involving motorcycle and can work tirelessly to represent your rights in court.

For more information, contact a Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer right away.

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