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Florida Man Dies in Rollover SUV Accident

By Law Offices of Smith & Stallworth  Jun. 12, 2012 1:09p

A man was found dead at the scene of a car accident recently. The man's SUV was discovered overturned in a canal near a landfill. The body was found about 20 feet away from the vehicle which was partially submerged in the waste deep marshy water of the canal. The accident was discovered early around 8:40 in the morning by a worker from the nearby waste management facility. The exact time of the accident was unknown at the time of the report. Florida Highway Patrol and Fire Rescue arrived at the scene and searched the overturned SUV and the surrounding area for other victims but the male driver appears to be the only one that was in the vehicle. FHP suspects that the small SUV was headed north on the Turnpike when the driver apparently lost control and careened off the road. The body was transported to the Broward Medical Examiner to determine exact cause of death and when the fatality occurred. What caused the accident and whether or not another vehicle had been involved in the incident has yet to be determined. Did you lose a loved one in an SUV rollover accident? A Florida car accident lawyer may be able to help you pursue legal action against the negligent individual or party.

About SUV Accidents & Rollovers

It goes without saying that a rollover accident involving any vehicle can cause serious injuries or death, but with the increase in popularity of sport utility vehicles, the number of rollover accidents involving SUVs has greatly increased over the years. The physical nature of an SUV makes it more likely to rollover in certain situations than a conventional car in the same situation. SUVs have a higher center of gravity which means the chance of the vehicle overturning during a sharp turn, emergency maneuver or in a collision is greater. While there is no denying that SUV drivers have a responsibility to keep these characteristics in mind and keep themselves, their passengers and other drivers safe, accidents can still occur.

Florida SUV Accident Attorney

It is crucial that you get the help of an SUV accident attorney if you were injured in a Florida accident involving one of these vehicles. Determining liability can be a complicated process but with the representation of a knowledgeable accident lawyer it may be possible to obtain substantial compensation. Contact an attorney with us at Smith & Stallworth to discuss your case and legal options.

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