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Florida Airplane Accident Claims Six Lives

By Law Offices of Smith & Stallworth  Jun. 12, 2012 1:09p

A family of six was killed recently when their single engine airplane crashed in Polk County. The pilot, R.B., his wife and four children were on board and returning home from a trip to the Bahamas. R.B. began having trouble with single-engine turboprop shortly after takeoff from Customs at Ft. Pierce. He radioed in at around 12:30 pm that he had an emergency. Investigators estimate that the plane was at about 22,000 feet at the time. Radio and radar contact with the airplane was lost shortly thereafter. The plane crashed in a remote region that is only accessible by helicopter and all-terrain vehicles. The debris field as the plane came down stretched for four miles. R.B., his wife and three of their children were found dead on board the aircraft and their fourth child was found about half a mile away from the crash site. Did you lose a loved one in an airplane accident that you feel was due to negligence? Talk to a Florida wrongful death attorney right away.

Investigators continue to examine the airplane, crash site, debris field and other data to determine what went wrong. A 6-foot portion of the right wing had ripped off during descent which ripped a hole in the fuselage where R.B.'s 13-year-old son may have been sitting. Investigators believe this is how the boy may have ended up outside of the aircraft. The crash site showed extensive damage had occurred to the plane before impacting the ground on its belly. Besides the section of the right wing that was missing, portions of the left wing and the entire horizontal stabilizer were found some distance from the craft. Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board in Miami are hoping to definitively determine if it was the heavy rains, aircraft malfunction or pilot error which resulted in the tragic accident.

Aviation Accident Lawyer for All of Florida

A Florida aviation accident lawyer with us at Smith & Stallworth has represented clients in a variety of airplane crash cases. From commercial airliner accidents to those involving smaller aircrafts, we understand how devastating it can be to lose a loved one. While airplane accidents are relatively rare compared to car accidents, suffering a loss in either is just as tragic. Make sure your family and your future are protected by getting the skilled representation you deserve for obtaining a substantial settlement from those responsible. Contact our law offices today to see if you have a case and what we may be able to do for you.

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