When a consumer is injured by a defective product, the consumer may be entitled to damages.  Product liability claims allow injured consumers to receive monetary compensation from manufacturers or sellers of defective products.   

A product liability claim can fall into one of three categories: a design defect claim, a manufacturing defect claim, or a failure to warn claim.  Product liability claims are not based upon manufacturer and seller negligence, they are based upon manufacturer and seller liability.  When a consumer files a product liability claim, they must prove that the product was defective due to some oversight in its development by the manufacturer or seller.  This means that attention is turned away from the behavior of the manufacturer or seller and turned onto the defective product itself.     

If the consumer sustains injuries from a defective product, they may seek damages from the manufacturer or seller.  Monetary compensation can cover things such as the victim's medical bills, lost wages, medications, and pain and suffering.

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