Steven M. Sweat, Personal Injury Lawyers, APC Press Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyers Obtain Large Settlement for Victim

Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyers Obtain Large Settlement for Victim

By Steven M. Sweat February 26, 2016

The Los Angeles personal injury law firm of Steven M. Sweat, APC, has a long, proud history of supporting cycling in and around the City of Angels. Recently, they were able to represent the victim of a terrible bike crash that occurred on Brand Boulevard in Glendale, CA. The victim was a female simply trying to commute to work on her bike when a negligent driver attempted to blow through a crosswalk where she was riding and strike her bicycle. The victim was ejected from the bike and landed on the pavement causing a major impact to her spine. The victim was transported via ambulance to a local hospital and later diagnosed with a thoracic vertebral fracture which required vertrbral fusion surgery and several months of recovery and physical rehabilitation. Despite allegations by the insurance company for the motor vehicle operator that the cyclist should be held wholly or partially at fault in the incident for riding in a crosswalk, the legal advocates from Steven M. Sweat, APC were able to get them to accept full responsibility for the claim and to pay the victim a $525,000.00 settlement. This was sufficient compensation to cover all past and future medical expenses as well as compensate the victim for the physical pain and emotional distress caused by the incident, the injury, and the recovery time.

Steven M. Sweat, APC has represented hundreds of bicycle accident victims over the past 20 years. They pride themselves on protecting the cycling community in Los Angeles and throughout California.

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