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Beverly Hills CA is one of the most affluent areas of Los Angeles but, also the home to many hard working citizens working in commercial enterprises and office settings. With dozens of busy streets and major thoroughfares like Wilshire, Olympic and Santa Monica Boulevards, and high volume of vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle and motorcycle traffic, it is, unfortunately, one area with a high rate of traffic collisions involving injury and, sometimes, death. It only take a split second for a driver to be negligent and take his or her eyes off the road and strike a pedestrian in a crosswalk or rear end the car in front of them. When this happens, you need an experienced Beverly Hills personal injury law firm to evaluate whether there is legal liability, against whom and what any claims for injury or property damage may be worth. Glotzer & Sweat, LLP has offices located on South Beverly Drive in the heart of BH and has represented hundreds of residents of Beverly Hills obtain the compensation to which the laws of the State of California provide. Call today for a free consultation: 310-623-3771

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