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Cyclist Killed, Others Injured in Accidents in Single DUI Incident

One man was killed and others suffered minor injuries after an intoxicated man got behind the wheel of his car over the weekend. J.M., 28 years old, was driving his pickup truck on Saturday morning ...

Pregnant Woman Loses Baby after Severe Injury Accident Involving FHP Trooper

A husband and pregnant wife and their one-year-old son were injured recently in a serious wreck after a Florida Highway Patrol vehicle clipped their midsize SUV.

Distracted Driving Facts and Figures

Distracted driving has come to be a significant factor contributing to traffic accidents throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Coral Springs Man Involved in Injury Accident with Scooter

A Coral Springs man, 47-year-old B.O., was driving a van when he was rear ended by another man riding a scooter. B.O. had slowed and then came to a stop due to traffic in front of him but the ...

Pepper Spray Incident Causes Evacuation of Medical Facility

A local Coral Springs medical building was evacuated in the early evening recently. Several patients and staff at the facility reported having trouble breathing and experiencing eye irritation.

One Injured, One Killed in Delivery Truck Crash

The driver of a bakery delivery truck and his passenger were involved in a fatal single vehicle wreck which occurred early in the morning. The truck was on its way to deliver frozen bakery goods when ...

Bike Safety Focus of Ft. Lauderdale “Safety Party”

Florida has been ranked as having one of the worst bicycle and pedestrian safety records in the country and the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach area was ranked as the fourth most dangerous large ...

Psychiatrist Claims School Shootings Linked to Psychiatric Drugs

According to a British psychiatrist who founded, a website devoted to research into prescription drugs, approximately 90 percent of the school shooters who engaged in violent acts over the ...

Bereaved Family Sue Police After Fatal Accident

After losing their husband and father in a tragic automobile accident in the Florida Keys, a family has filed suit against the policeman allegedly responsible for causing the collision.

Three Killed In Tragic Miami Collision

After losing control during what was allegedly a high-speed drag race, a driver crashed headlong into a Ford Expedition carrying a family of four.

Prescription Drug Side Effects Lead to Lawsuits

Accutane is an oral prescription medicine used to treat acne which was developed and sold by Roche Pharmaceuticals until 2009 when it was withdrawn from the market.

Pregnant Woman Dies in Fort Lauderdale Car Crash

Earlier this year, a pregnant woman who was vacationing at a hotel in Fort Lauderdale was killed when a driver lost control of her car.

Florida Motorcycle Accidents Decrease

The Florida Traffic Crash Statistics report, published by the state each year, shows that motorcycle crashes have decreased overall in Florida.

Children Hospitalized After Three-Way Collision

While driving her daughters to school, a West Palm Beach woman missed a stop sign and collided with an oncoming car, leaving her three young children injured.

Amputee Loses Leg Saving Crash Victims’ Lives

While attempting to aid an injured victim at the scene of an accident, a man suffered severe injuries when a driver crashed into him, forcing medical personnel to sever his leg.

Popular Antibiotic Becomes the Subject of Lawsuits

Nearly everyone has taken an antibiotic in their life or had a child or family member do so. Since their inception, antibiotics have clearly saved lives and helped countless individuals recover from ...

Meningitis Infection Spreads Across 12 States

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a fungal meningitis outbreak has occurred across 12 states stemming from contaminated steroid injections. The contaminated steroids ...

Negotiations Underway in an Effort to Improve Assisted Living Facility Standards

Nursing home neglect is a big deal in Palm Beach and throughout the state so when a recent news report stated that there were an alleged 70 deaths that occurred over the last 10 years in assisted ...

Driver Strikes Police Motorcycle In Busy Tampa Intersection

In a bizarre accident, a driver was distracted by a homeless man standing in the middle of an intersection and collided with a police motorcycle, sending the officer skidding across the street.

Florida Highway Patrol Looks For Answers In Fatal Truck Crash

After four months investigating a high-speed collision on Florida State Road 528, authorities say they remain unclear what caused the tragic crash.
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