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Distracted Driving Facts and Figures

By Weinstein & Scharf, P.A.  Feb. 25, 2013 10:30a

Distracted driving has come to be a significant factor contributing to traffic accidents throughout the U.S. and internationally. This phenomenon occurs when drivers remove their full attention from the task of driving and may involve distractions due to texting and cell phone usage, other devices such as radios, CD players, MP3 players, and GPS devices, or distractions such as talking to or dealing with other passengers, reading maps, eating or drinking, applying makeup, combing one's hair, and other activities. Many drivers consider the activity of driving to be one which does not require 100 percent of their attention; unfortunately, this can result in lapses of attention which can lead to accidents, injuries, and traffic fatalities.

In a study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute on long-haul truckers, driver distraction was researched over an 18-month period with video cameras installed in the truckers' cabs. The study found that the risk of being involved in a traffic accident was 23 times higher when the truckers were texting. The time a driver took his eyes away from the road while texting was also calculated; the typical time a driver was distracted before a traffic crash or near crash was five seconds. At average highway speeds, this is enough time to travel the distance of a football field. Researchers found that it made little difference whether drivers used a hands-free or hand-held device. It is the fact of having attention pulled away from the road and the task of driving that raises the risk of driver-distraction accidents.

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