The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. Articles Involved in a St. Louis Car Accident With an Uber Driver

Involved in a St. Louis Car Accident With an Uber Driver

By Christopher Hoffmann  Jul. 28, 2020 7:56a

Whether you are an Uber passenger, cyclist, driver, or pedestrian who was involved in an accident with an Uber, you need to know how to proceed further. Ridesharing has become very popular across the country, and accidents are not always avoidable, even for experienced drivers.

I Had a Car Accident While on an Uber Ride

If you were a passenger in an Uber when the accident took place, one of the most important things to do immediately after, besides seeking immediate medical attention and reporting it to the police, is to contact Uber.

While filling the Uber accident form is not required, it’s an easy way to register all the needed information. If filling out the form isn’t an option or you don’t prefer it, you can also report the accident using the Help setting on the Uber app.

Give all the important details about the accident, but restrain yourself from making assumptions or expressing your opinions about the event. What will follow in the next few days will be a negotiation with the insurance company. You don’t want to submit inaccurate information in writing, by being too overwhelmed by emotions when reporting it.

I Had a Car Accident Involving an Uber Driver

If you were not in the Uber car when the accident happened, but you collided with an Uber while driving your car or as a pedestrian, you should use the Uber car accident form, which can be found on Uber’s website.

The same advice mentioned above applies to this situation too. Keep your testimony concise and accurate, avoid using expressions that might imply fault or that might underestimate the extent of your injuries. Such phrases include “I’m sorry”, “I feel fine, thank you” or “I was not aware of…”. A St. Louis Uber accident lawyer can mediate or monitor the communication with Uber.

Negotiating with the Uber Insurance Department

During its beginnings, Uber avoided being liable for the accidents its drivers caused or were involved in by stating that they were only collaborators. Federal and state laws have changed to oblige Uber to take responsibility for its drivers. Fortunately, Uber insurance covers quite a large amount of damage.

Even if Uber’s insurance policy goes up to $1,000,000, it doesn’t mean that you will receive the maximum compensation possible for your claim. Dealing with Uber’s insurance is just as dealing with any other insurance company: they will do their best to minimize their financial losses.

Speak With an Experienced Injury Attorney

Knowing the tactics used by insurance companies to sign low settlements comes with experience. If you were injured or suffered property damage because of an Uber accident, we strongly recommend speaking with a St. Louis car accident lawyer who has dealt with similar cases before.

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