Robert Sparks Attorneys Articles Patrolmen Find Car Involved In Hit-And-Run

Patrolmen Find Car Involved In Hit-And-Run

By Robert Sparks Attorneys  Oct. 20, 2011 10:25a

Aspiring Dog Trainer Struck and Killed By Alleged Suspect

After searching for the vehicle that members of the Florida Highway Patrol think to be responsible for slaying a cyclist in late August, investigators believe they may have found it.

The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning on Tuesday, August 30th. The victim was a 31-year old man from Sarasota who was riding his bicycle along a dark, poorly lit road. Authorities approximate the accident to have taken place just after midnight south of Proctor Road on Swift Road.

According to a report released by the Florida Highway Patrol, the victim was an aspiring dog trainer, and was riding his bicycle along with his dog, a two-year-old pit bull affectionately known as Mama Dukes. As they were traveling along the side of the road, they were both struck by what investigators later determined to be a red Dodge Challenger. The dog survived the accident, and was taken to a veterinary hospital for treatment. The owner, however, was not so fortunate, dying at the scene before emergency personnel could rescue him.

Tampa Investigators Search for Vehicle Hoping To Identify Suspect

Searching the crime scene, member of the Florida Highway Patrol quickly ascertained that the driver had failed to break for the cyclist, indicating that he or she did not seem to have seen the victim until too late. The man was not found with any lights or reflective clothing, nor was he wearing a helmet.

After determining that the car was metallic red in color and appeared to be a newer model, they eventually learned that it was a Dodge Challenger. They claim to have located the vehicle parked at a home in Sarasota; investigators claim, however, that they are still unsure of the identity of the driver.

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