Robert Sparks Attorneys Articles Florida Motorcycle Accident Trends and Data

Florida Motorcycle Accident Trends and Data

By Robert Sparks Attorneys  Jun. 12, 2012 11:38a

According to the Florida Traffic Crash Statistics Report of 2007, there were 9,205 motorcycle accidents in the state that year. Due to its mild weather, many tourist locations, and numerous motorcycle events and rallies throughout the state, Florida is a popular location for motorcyclists. Motorcycle registrations have seen a continuing uptrend over the last decade. Accident statistics involving motorcycles climbed with this uptrend until 2008. In that year, completion of an approved 15 hour Basic Rider Course became a requirement for all motorcyclists who wished to obtain a motorcycle endorsement or motorcycle only license. Since then, motorcycle accidents have begun to decrease. Obviously, the better trained a motorcycle operator becomes, the less risk he or she will have for motorcycle accidents and injury.

While more than 9,000 motorcycle accidents occurred in Florida in 2007, 8,186 of these resulted in injuries. 517 motorcyclists were killed that year. Overall, traffic accident statistics show that motorcyclists are at much more risk for injury and death than drivers and passengers in cars and trucks. Motorcyclists aged 21 who have at least $10,000 worth of medical coverage insurance are not required to wear helmets in Florida. While it is not against the law for these individuals to ride without a helmet, for the purposes of safety it is not recommended. Head injuries are a common occurrence for motorcyclists involved in accidents.

Tampa Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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