Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover Articles Ft. Lauderdale Limo Driver and Students on way to Prom Help Accident Victims

Ft. Lauderdale Limo Driver and Students on way to Prom Help Accident Victims

By Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover  Jun. 1, 2013 4:35p

A limousine traveling on Interstate 595 was carrying a group of 20 students to their senior prom when the driver had to make a sudden stop to avoid hitting the passenger van in front of him. The van had flipped onto its side and the limo driver could hear passengers crying for help when he approached the vehicle. Why the van flipped onto its side was not reported. Several of the students in the limo left the vehicle and joined their driver in rendering aid to the accident victims which included children. One of the students reported being able to hear a woman calling out in concern for her baby. The good Samaritans opened the rear doors of the van and helped get the baby out of the vehicle and then helped get other passengers out. They administered what first aid they could and helped keep the accident victims calm until paramedics arrived. Police and EMT arrived promptly and took the van passengers to the hospital. None of the passengers had suffered any severe injuries. The students returned to their limo and continued on to their prom. Were you, your child or other loved one injured in a car accident caused by another's recklessness or negligence? Speak with a personal injury lawyer to find out what your legal options for addressing damages suffered.

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Car accidents are one of the main causes of injuries and deaths in the U.S. There are nearly 200,000 car crash injuries in Florida every year and about 2,400 fatalities. There are many causes of these accidents including drugged driving, drunken driving, texting while driving, speeding, disregard of traffic signs, driver fatigue, reckless driving maneuvers and more. Some cases may involve faulty car parts, road defects or other such circumstances. Whatever the specifics of your case, you may be entitled to compensation for all injuries and damages you have sustained. A personal injury attorney on our team at the Law Offices of Jason T. Corsover has helped clients get financial damages and other compensation they need and deserve after suffering an injury in an auto accident. Car crash cases can be complex at times and may require careful and thorough investigation to show who was at fault and why. We have a proven track record of success when it comes to getting our client the outcome they need in their case. Contact our firm today to find out how we may be able to help you with your specific case.

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