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Taser Lawsuits in Personal Injury Cases

By Pittman Law Firm  May. 6, 2013 2:53p

Tasers or stun guns used by law enforcement are less dangerous or harmful than actual firearms when used against people. Yet they can still cause injuries to those who receive the shocks from the barbs which wind up being implanted in the skin. According to experts, if Tasers are used in the chest area, too close to the heart, they can cause cardiac arrest, causing the victim's heart rate to go into hyperdrive. That was asserted in a lawsuit against the company that manufactures the Taser by the family of a man who died at the scene when pulled over by a police officer who Tasered him five times, including in the chest area. In another case in 2009, the mother of a 17 year-old boy received a settlement in a wrongful death case in which her son died from being stunned by a Taser after being handcuffed while in police custody.

In another lawsuit against the Taser company, a California man received a $2.8 million dollar settlement in 2006 after a Taser resulted in his permanent brain damage. After being stunned by a police officer, the man experienced cardiac arrest and stopped breathing. Because of the length of time that passed before medical personnel were able to revive him, he suffered excess loss of oxygen to the brain. The resulting brain damage required that he now receive 24-hour health care. All of the above cases underscore the potential injury risks that can be caused by the use of Tasers, especially in cases where such excessive force may not be necessary.

Personal Injury Attorney in Bonita Springs, Florida

Many types of negligence can result in unnecessary injury or death to victims, whether in a car accident, from a slip and fall, a defective consumer product, or similar scenarios. When such situations occur, victims have a right to pursue legal compensation for their losses and damages, which may include medical expenses, loss of wages or income, disability, pain, and suffering. In many cases, an injury claim will involve an insurance carrier, whose main concern will not be what is in the best interests of the victim but in preserving its own profitability. That is why it is important to get proven legal representation from a law firm that will work diligently on your behalf.

Pittman Law Firm, P.L., located in Bonita Springs, has more than 18 years of experience with a proven track record in personal injury cases. The firm's attorneys take a personal approach to every case they take on, knowing how important such a claim can be to the future security of their clients. Because of their outstanding legal service, they have earned the Avvo Clients' Choice Award 2012. For a free case analysis concerning your personal injury or wrongful death case, contact their offices at your earliest opportunity.

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