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Do You Need a Rabies Shot for a Dog Bite?

Sep. 21, 2014 3:55p

What to Do?

In the case of any bite - whether it's a dog bite, spider bite, or bat bite - you should go to the doctor or to Arizona Poison Control. The bite can sometimes mean you will need a rabies shot. Recent attacks, such as a bat attack in Oregon and a javelina bite in Sedona, have raised some concerns and questions regarding rabies.

Javelina Bite

John Bourgault got a rabies shots after being bitten by a javelina in Sedona. Bourgault was advised to get the shot by Dr. Frank Lovecchio with Banner Health's Poison Control Center, since the animal could not be caught and observed. Lovecchio felt it was better to be safe than sorry. Luckily, the incidence of rabies is relatively rare, and there are slim chances that a rabies shot is even needed. Still, it's wise to get the shot if you are bitten because rabies is almost 100 percent fatal. "We usually recommend rabies vaccination one in about 25 calls," says Lovecchio. "That is, in large part, because we don't usually run into the most common carriers."

In Arizona, skunks and foxes tend to have rabies more than other animals. But the king of rabies carriers is bats. But it's not just the bite that is concerning. Bats cause micro-abrasions, or little scratches, to the skin. There are even some indictors that rabies can be caught through the eyes or mouth. Because of this, it is advised that if you have any exposure to bats, you should probably receive a rabies vaccination.

What About a Dog Bite?

Luckily, when it comes to dog bites, it's not necessary to get a vaccination. There has not been a case of a dog giving a human rabies in Arizona in over a decade. Addtionally, Lovecchio says the virus is not fast moving, and that most doctors just recommend being seen within a week of the bite. That's exactly what Bourgault did after the javelina bit him. "You have no idea whether the animal is rabid," he says. "They can't do the test because they can't find the darn things."

Lovecchio says most large hospitals have the rabies vaccine on hand. They will often administer a drug, via an injection right into the wound, to help kill the virus. If you need a Phoenix dog bite Phoenix dog bite attorney please contact Ben Wright below.

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