Law Offices of Steven A. Fabbro Articles Claims and Lawsuits Against Fluoroquinolone Drugs

Claims and Lawsuits Against Fluoroquinolone Drugs

By Law Offices of Steven A. Fabbro  Sep. 23, 2013 10:38a

Fluoroquinolone drugs are high-powered antibiotics such as Cipro, Levaquin, and Noroxin. These antibiotics are used to treat serious bacterial infections, such as those that are acquired in a hospital as well as those which do not respond to older antibiotics such as penicillin. On August 15, 2013 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a Safety Alert which stated that the labels on medication guides accompanying these drugs must be updated to "better describe the serious side effect of peripheral neuropathy" associated with them. The FDA goes on to say that "the serious nerve damage caused by fluoroquinolones may occur soon after these drugs are taken and may be permanent."

The risk of nerve damage is only associated with fluoroquinolones taken orally or by injection, not through topical applications. The FDA alert applies to Levaquin, Cipro, Avelox, Noroxin, Floxin, and Factive. Peripheral neuropathy is described as a nerve disorder affecting the arms and legs which can occur at any time from use of these antibiotics and last for months to years even after the individual has stopped taking the drug. The condition can also become permanent.

Johnson & Johnson, the makers of Levaquin, currently face tens of thousands of lawsuits from consumers alleging that the antibiotic has caused tendon problems, irreversible nerve damage, and other health damage. According to the FDA, 60 percent of tendon injuries associated with fluoroquinolones may be traced to the use of Levaquin.

Dangerous Drug and Personal Injury Lawyer in Modesto, California

The above story is an example of the legal action that can be taken on behalf of individuals who are harmed by negligent manufacturers of consumer products. Where these manufacturers are negligent in their warnings to consumers or where other defects are found in their products, they may be held accountable to those who are harmed as a result for damages.

These types of legal claims and lawsuits are difficult and complex as they often involve major corporations making astronomical profits who have the resources to aggressively defend themselves. This is why a consumer will need a proven law firm representing him who has the skills, knowledge, and wherewithal to effectively fight back. In the Modesto area, the Law Offices of Steven A. Fabbro has proven itself to have the ability to successfully hold drug manufacturers accountable in such cases. The firm has recovered more than $300 million in personal injury settlements and verdicts. Mr. Fabbro has more than 30 years of experience in this field. His outstanding professionalism is reflected in the AV Preeminent rating he has attained through peer reviews by Martindale-Hubbell. Contact the firm for a free case analysis concerning your injury or accident claim today.

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