Law Office of Mark Bush - San Diego Articles Police Blame Overcrowding For Fatal Boat Accident

Police Blame Overcrowding For Fatal Boat Accident

By Law Office of Mark Bush  Oct. 21, 2011 10:07a

Uncle and Grandfather Die in Tragic Sea Expedition

During a charity sailing excursion in March, a boat capsized in the San Diego Bay while giving a tour for two families, causing two men to drown.

The passengers on the boat included the family of at least one special needs child, the last of a string of children with disabilities that the charity had been giving tours to all weekend.

According to Harbor Police, the incident was caused by overloading of the 26-foot long craft, which the designer claims was never intended to carry a party of that size. As it reached Buoy 20, located at a mid-point between Shelter Island and Harbor Island, the ship was overturned by a sudden gust of wind, capsizing the vessel and sending the passengers into the 55-degree water.

Harbor Police units, as well as several nearby civilians, began to rescue the victims, saving all but two. The uncle of one of the special needs children lost his life, as did his grandfather.

Investigation Leads To Allegations Of Negligent Management

Authorities began to investigate possible causes for the fatal accident shortly after the rescue mission ended. Police contacted the maker of the boat, who told them that the party of ten passengers exceeded the intended capacity for the vessel design. He also questioned whether the owners of the boat had properly filled the ballast, a device designed to force the boat right side up if it began to capsize.

In an interview immediately after the accident, the founder of the charity, who was onboard at the time of the incident, told reporters that there was no illegal or reckless behavior by his company. The ship did not list any passenger or weight limit anywhere, he claimed, nor was the ballast improperly maintained. He also clarified that, while some of the adults may not have been wearing life vests, California law only requires that minors be equipped with life preservers before sailing. Police have yet to file any charges in the case.

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