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Trucks Causing Rollover Accidents

By Law Office of John Whitfield  Jul. 8, 2010 11:56a

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Trucks Causing Rollover Accidents

With a constant presence on Tennessee roadways, trucks are often a source for some of the most catastrophic accidents. Whether the accidents are from delivery trucks, semi-trucks or small trucks, with their larger build and speed, they are often difficult to maneuver and easily thrown into some of the worst accidents on the road. When attempting to brake or move suddenly, they can often sideswipe a passenger vehicle in the vicinity. The impact of this hit can cause the smaller vehicle to rollover, especially if they are a truck or van with a higher center of gravity than a low-bodied car.

The problem with rollover accidents is that while most vehicles are designed in mind with front and rear-end collisions, they are not as well equipped to get hit by the side. Even when built to endure rollovers, the roof will often cave in causing grave injuries for the driver and passengers inside, often trapping them. Whether they are flipped and rolled one time or several times, injuries resulting from an accident of this magnitude are severe and often times life-altering. With a large portion of all fatal accidents occurring from rollovers, they are no laughing matter.

Rollover Accident Lawyer in Nashville

When facing the long-term consequences from any type of truck accident, especially one resulting in a rollover, you need a personal injury attorney with your very best interest at heart fighting for you. Insurance companies are run like a business and are not there to look after your well-being. If you attempt to negotiate alone, you run the risk of your claim being denied, delayed or settled for much less than the necessary monetary compensation to properly cover all of your damages. At the Law Offices of John Whitfield, we know the high stakes situation you are in, and we promise to never give you anything less than the very best of our efforts. By approaching your case with a personalized touch, evaluating all the angles and leaving no stone unturned, you can trust that your rights will be protected in every way possible.

If you or a loved one has recently been in a rollover accident, contact a Nashville Personal Injury Attorney today.

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