Truck Accident Common Causes

By Law Office of John Whitfield  Jul. 8, 2010 11:04a

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Truck Accident Common Causes

Trucks are the lifeblood of almost every business across the country. By transporting goods through the veins of the nation's roadways, they manage to keep the flow of merchandise rolling. Sadly, however, due to their constant presence on the road, they are also a huge target for some of the most tragic motor vehicle accidents. Often, these accidents could have been prevented had drivers been more aware or handled themselves in a safer manner.

Common causes of commercial truck accidents usually center on the driving procedures of the smaller vehicles around them. By going in and out of the blind spots and unsafe zones around a truck, namely very close to their tailgate and to the lower right, they are putting themselves in an area where the truck driver has no idea of their presence. Moving quickly around them, cutting directly in front of a truck in a lane change, passing on two-lane roads and merging at incorrect speeds are also several more reasons that a truck accident can occur.

Not all accidents, however, are caused by the drivers of passenger vehicles. Many are caused by the truck drivers themselves. If improperly trained, if they are speeding, have overloaded their truck, are driving through bad weather or when exhausted, or exhibiting other poor driving techniques, an accident can occur. Due to the large nature of these trucks, if you or a loved one have been involved in an accident with them, it is in your best interest to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Personal Injury Attorney Representing Truck Accidents

At the Law Offices of John Whitfield, we understand the severe consequences that can stem from a truck accident. When your future is hanging by a thread, you need a heavyweight on your side with the knowledge and experience to go after the insurance companies in pursuit of full financial compensation. No matter the cause of the accident or the severity of injuries caused by it, you deserve to have your physical and non-physical damages covered.

To begin evaluating your case, contact a Nashville Personal Injury Lawyer today.

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