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Teenager’s Death Mourned By Friends And Family

By Law Office of John Whitefield  Jun. 19, 2012 10:00a

Collision With Garbage Truck Slays Memphis Girl Instantly

In the aftermath of a tragic accident that took the life of a sixteen year old girl in Memphis, TN, police are investigating the cause to determine of charges will be filed. The young girl was struck by a truck while attempting to turn at an intersection, suffering fatal injuries in the process.

Authorities are looking into the exact details of the incident, but released what initial facts they had determined in a report during a press conference on Thursday, May 31st. The collision took place the day before, when the young victim was driving her yellow Jeep Wrangler towards the intersection of Raleigh-LaGrange and Collierville-Arlington Road. Investigators believe that the victim was turning left when she was struck in the side by a garbage truck. The seventeen-year old girl had already passed away by the time the medical personnel arrived at the scene of the crash.

Fatal Truck Accident Leads Friends And Classmates To Mourn On Twitter

Reacting to the loss of their loved one, those who knew the young victim have turned to the Internet for solace. A campaign started on the social networking site Twitter the day after her death, wishing the family well while expressing sentiments of grief and empathy.

"Seems just like yesterday I was sitting in English class with you," a friend wrote on Twitter after learning of the tragic incident. "God got an amazing gift today, you!"

Police investigators say they are not sure whether the tragic accident occurred as a result of negligence on the part of the young teen, but that they have ruled out several possibilities. It does not appear at this time that she was on her cell phone when the collision occurred, nor did the autopsy reveal any substances in her system which would have rendered her intoxicated.

Seek The Aid Of A Memphis Truck Accident Attorney

If you have lost a loved one due to a tragic and preventable automobile accident, it is imperative that you speak with a trained lawyer specializing in personal injury cases right away. In addition to the emotional toll of losing a family member, the financial damages can be catastrophic. With the aid of the legal team at Law Office of John Whitefield, you can pursue justice on behalf of the victim while seeking maximum compensation. Please, visit our website at to learn more!

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