Law Office of Mark Bush - San Diego Articles Homeless Man Rescues San Diego Driver From Wreckage

Homeless Man Rescues San Diego Driver From Wreckage

By Law Office of Mark Bush  Oct. 21, 2011 10:05a

High Speed Freeway Accident Leaves Woman Injured

Details are scarce as law enforcement agents investigate a recent accident on Interstate 8 that left a woman injured.

According to witnesses at the scene, the crash was caused when a driver in a white Pontiac Grand Am lost control of her car, driving off the highway and crashing into the embankment, rolling several times before landing on its roof in the San Diego River.

Immediately prior to losing control of her automobile, the driver was traveling west at more than one hundred miles per hour next to another car. Police are unclear as to why the cars were engaged in this activity, saying they need to investigate further before they can be sure what was going on.

Driver Pulled From Car By Homeless Bystander In San Diego

The primary witness of the accident is a homeless man who told reporters he occasionally camps next to the river. He was there when the accident took place, and along with another witness to the incident, acted quickly to rescue the victim from the remains of the vehicle, cutting her seatbelt off and pulling her onto the bank.

The man also claimed that he spoke briefly to the woman while waiting for paramedics to arrive. She allegedly told him that her loss of control was caused when the other car, which she said was a silver pickup, sideswiped her.

Authorities say they are waiting to speak with the victim, but have claimed that they do not have any evidence of a collision between the two vehicles. The condition of the woman and the extent of her injuries are unclear at this time.

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