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Fatal Head-On Collision On Highway 50

By Mark Bush  Apr. 11, 2011 1:46p

Highway Patrol Arrives Too Late To Stop Wrong-Way Driver

A driver traveling the wrong way on the highway was killed when he collided with a tow truck, reports the Sacramento Bee.

The California Highway Patrol received reports on Saturday, March 26th, that a driver in a 1997 Chevy was traveling in the wrong lane on Highway 50. They received the report at approximately 1:15 a.m., the official announcement reported, and patrol units made their way to apprehend the driver. The Chevy was allegedly traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes. Although they responded hastily to the call, the CHP was alerted to the vehicle's crash not long after receiving the initial report, signaling their failure to intercept the vehicle in time.

It was only a few short minutes after the initial call was made the CHP dispatch began to receive reports of a collision on Jefferson Boulevard. The Chevy had reportedly collided head-on with a Dodge Tow Truck at high speed, leaving both vehicles severely damaged and their operators in critical condition.

When the Patrolmen arrived on the scene, they confirmed that they were too late. The wrong-way Chevy driver, a 24-year old man whose identity has not been released by law enforcement, died on the scene, while the tow truck driver was rushed to UC Davis Medical Center for treatment of his injuries, which were classified as 'major.' The hospitalized victim is a 29-year old Sacramento local.

Police are awaiting the results of toxicology reports before making any official statements, but reporters say that officers suspect the incident was a result of alcoholic intoxication.

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