De Castroverde Law Group Articles Pharmaceutical Drugs Can Do More Harm Than Good

Pharmaceutical Drugs Can Do More Harm Than Good

By De Castroverde Law Group  Jan. 9, 2011 4:30p

Consumers with health problems place their trust in doctors, pharmacists, as well as in the manufacturers and distributors of various drugs that are prescribed, but sometimes the drugs wind up doing more harm than good. On many occasions drugs have turned out to be defective or dangerous and people get injured, ill or even die. Dangerous drugs can cause irreparable damage to the heart, kidneys, liver, brain, or can cause suicidal or violent tendencies as was found with certain drugs like Prozac, Paxil and others. Sometimes it may take years to discover the facts.

Dangerous Drugs are Defective

A dangerous drug can be deemed defective in mainly three different ways and a person who has been injured in one or more of these ways as a result, can file a lawsuit.

  • Marketing that was defective (if you were not properly warned of the drug's side effects by your doctor, pharmacist, or distributor then this "failure to warn" was defective and you may be able to claim compensation.) Information on labels can be lacking as well.
  • Manufacturing of the drug was defective (The drug may not have been properly processed resulting in a defect)
  • Design defect (The design of the drug could have been defective from the start causing unsuspecting patients to experience either short or long term negative effects)

Many legal suits are in the courts due to problems with dangerous drugs and if you or someone you love suspects that you or they have been injured by a dangerous drug in the Las Vegas area, you should contact a Las Vegas attorney as quickly as possible. Don't let too much time lapse to avoid loss of valuable evidence that could support your case.

At De Castroverde Law Group we are experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyers who have successfully defended many people in the area and we can help. We will do a thorough investigation of your situation and if we can prove that you have been injured by a dangerous drug in one or more of the ways above, then you may be able to receive substantial compensation. Think of us as your extended family who is here help you through this difficult time.

Contact a Las Vegas Dangerous Drug Attorney in our office for a free consultation today.

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