De Castroverde Law Group Articles Common Hotel Injuries in Las Vegas

Common Hotel Injuries in Las Vegas

By De Castroverde Law Group  Apr. 16, 2012 4:48p

Injuries that are sustained on another person's premises due to the property owner's failure to maintain a safe area for his or her guests are generally compensable under the law. While this may be true, it will be extremely difficult to litigate this type of claim, legally referred to as a premises liability claim, as the property owner will do everything possible to avoid a lawsuit. The truth of the matter is that the property owner should be held accountable for their actions at any expense, or you may not see the compensation that you need to afford extensive medical procedures and care. Medical treatment is much more expensive than many people believe, and if an injury is not covered by insurance or a premises liability claim, it is very likely that the victim will be paying for the injuries out of pocket. Paying for the injuries by yourself can have consequences that are just as devastating as the accident – overwhelming debt and constant creditor calls.

Some of the most common hotel injuries that occur include those in a casino, such as a slip and fall accident, escalator accident, elevator accident, injuries from excessive force of hotel security, or injuries caused due to criminal negligence (such as a firearm accident). Other types of accidents that commonly occur on others' property include those involving swimming pool and drowning accidents, and injuries at a nightclub. If you suffered from an injury, illness or lost a loved one after being unlawfully drugged by a person at a Las Vegas nightclub or casino, such as one caused after being given a dosage of rufilin (date rape drug) without your consent, you may have grounds for a claim. You can also pursue a settlement if you have suffered injuries, illness, or pain and suffering due to a sex-related crime, such as sexual assault.

There are many different types of injuries and accidents that occur at hotel casinos regularly in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be up to you to obtain legal representation for the injuries you have suffered in a swift manner to ensure that full compensation can be reached. Similar to all other personal injury claims, there will be a time limit in which you can file the claim – the statute of limitations. By contacting a Las Vegas personal injury attorney from the De Castroverde Law Group, you can obtain a review of your case and determine if your casino injuries are compensable. If so, there will be a difficult road ahead; but the road ahead will be substantially rewarding in the long run if the case is successful. Don't let time run out on your personal injury or premises liability claim! Contact a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer from this law firm right away to schedule your initial meeting and to discuss your possible premises liability claim.

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