Cynthia Hennessey Attorney Press Workers' Comp. 101: The Workshop for Injured Workers

Workers' Comp. 101: The Workshop for Injured Workers

By Cynthia M. Hennessey February 10, 2012

The Hennessey Law Firm, LLC is pleased to announce:

Workers’ Comp.101: The Workshop the Insurance Companies don’t want you to attend

If you have been hurt or injured on the job, this free seminar is a must. Despite what you think you may know about Workers’ Compensation, large corporations and insurance groups are at work daily trying to change the rules to reduce your rights and benefits. This seminar has been designed to assist injured workers. Whether you have a Workers’ Comp lawyer, or want to handle your case on your own, don’t miss this event.

Call today, (314) 432-0009 to reserve your seat.

Join us for this Free Seminar. Get answers to all of your questions, including:

· What is Workers Compensation?

· What are my rights under Workers Compensation?

· What is the value of my case?

· What is the Second Injury Fund?

· Do I need a lawyer to handle my Work Comp case?

· What benefits am I entitles to if I am hurt on the job?

· What if my Work Comp case is denied?

· Can I get a second opinion?

· Do I have to treat with the Work Comp doctors?

· Can I go to my own doctors if I was hurt on the job?

· How do I handle my own Workers Comp case?

· When is the right time to call a Workers Comp lawyer?

· What if I cannot return to work because of a Work Comp injury?

· Do I have to pay taxes on Workers Comp benefits?

· What happens at a Work Comp Hearing?

· What if I need future medical treatment?

· Will my health insurance company pay for any future treatment?

· How do I get lifetime medical treatment from Workers Comp?

· How do I get lifetime benefits?

· Can I be fired for having a Workers Comp case?

· Can I apply for Social Security and Workers Comp?

· Can they force me to take FMLA while I am out on Work Comp?

· How do I calculate the value of my Work Comp case?

Guest Speaker:

Cynthia M. Hennessey

Registered Nurse/Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Tuesday, April 10th 7pm-9pm

Holiday Inn Viking Conference Center at Watson & Lindbergh (314) 821-6600

Wednesday, April 11th 7pm-9pm

Doubletree Collinsville at I-55/70 Exit 11 (618) 345-2800

Thursday, April 12th 7pm- 9pm

St. Charles Convention Center at I-70 & 5th Street (636) 669-3000

Saturday, April 14th 10am- 12 pm

Doubletree Collinsville at I-55/70 Exit 11 (618) 345-2800

Sunday, April 15th 12pm-2pm

St. Charles Convention Center at I-70 & 5th Street (636) 669-3000

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