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About Drunk Driving Accidents

By Colt Law Firm  Jan. 24, 2011 11:02p

Drunk driving accidents are some of the highest calculated causes of death and serious injury in the United States every year. Since 2000, an average of 39% of all auto accidents have been in alcohol-related incidents totaling more than 13 thousand deaths each year. Although this number has decreased over time due to increasingly strict punishments for intoxicated driving, these numbers are still astronomical, and do not even include the number of serious injuries, which are even higher. Drivers who recklessly endanger other people by operating their vehicle under the influence of alcohol can be held responsible and forced by the court to pay compensation to families and victims of their reckless driving. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a drunk driving accident you should contact a Denver car accident lawyer as soon as possible to begin building a case against the parties responsible for your suffering.

Drunk driving accidents are particularly dangerous because the impaired driver often has no idea that their speed is extremely hazardous or that they are swerving violently in the road. Usually this will cause a collision with another vehicle resulting in serious injuries including back and neck injuries, brain and spinal cord injuries, burn injuries, broken bones, lacerations, disfiguration, and in worse case scenarios: wrongful death.

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer in Denver

If you have lost a loved one or been injured due to the reckless driving of an intoxicated driver you should fight to protect your rights and for the compensation that you deserve and may desperately need for medical expenses, or sadly, funeral expenses. At the Colt Law Firm we understand that drunk driving accidents can be extremely tragic and traumatic for the victim's involved and their families. We will treat your case with compassion while aggressively pursuing the maximum compensation possible for your case.

Contact a Denver Drunk Driving Accident Attorney at our firm today if a reckless drunk driver has injured you.

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