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Workers’ Compensation and Employer Retaliation

By Busch Law Offices  Sep. 21, 2011 9:11a

Workers' compensation is a medical insurance plan that was established by the state which requires employers to pay for any medical bills and other costs which may result from a worker getting injured. An employee cannot sue his employer under this plan which provides a benefit to the employer as it protects him from lawsuits.  The employee benefits as he can receive immediate coverage for injuries or disability.

It does not matter what type of injuries you have received; if you were injured at your workplace, it will be covered. Even if you were injured outside the workplace, if those injuries were sustained while performing work duties, you will also be entitled to compensation. From back sprains to broken bones to carpal tunnel syndrome, you should not have to pay one cent of your medicals costs. Always be sure to receive medical attention as soon as you have been injured so that a medical professional can examine you.

Sometimes employers will unfairly retaliate after a worker files a claim and going to work each day becomes a dreaded experience form that point on.  What do you do when an employer retaliates and starts discriminating against you or even harassing you making work uncomfortable if not intolerable? Sometimes an employer can even go so far as to discharge you unfairly.   If this is happening to you, or someone you care about, you should contact a  Loveland workers' compensation attorney for help.

Different Types of Employer Retaliation:

An employee can experience any one of the following or a combination of any of these forms of retaliation such as:

  • Critical performance reviews  that are unwarranted
  • Demotion that is undeserved or even discharge
  • Being passed over for promotion when its deserved or expected
  • Being denied employee benefits
  • Harassment, intimidation or threats  at work
  •  Unexplained reduction in wages or earned bonuses being withheld

Are you or a loved one experiencing employer retaliation in Loveland?

If you have been a victim of employer retaliation, you should contact Busch Law Offices, and speak to an attorney for legal advice. We have been representing workers for over thirty years, helping them with legal matters including employer retaliation problems. In situations like this, you need to know what your rights are as well as what remedies are available to you.

Contact a Loveland workers' compensation attorney for a free consultation if you have been a victim of employer retaliation and we will go over the details of your case.

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