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Common Causes of Construction Accidents

By Williamson Law Firm  Apr. 1, 2011 7:09p

The construction industry is one of the more hazardous ones simply due to the nature of the field itself and injuries can be catastrophic when they occur. It is vital that companies take all necessary precautionary measures to protect their workers so as to avoid injuries and death. Following is a list of the most common causes of construction accidents.

  • Falling from heights is a common cause especially due to scaffolding errors or where ladders are not properly secured resulting in falls. Carrying equipment which is too heavy while climbing ladders can also result in serious falls along with defective roofs.
  • Falling debris is another common reason for injuries, the higher up the debris is, and the larger the object, the greater the injury can be sustained when hit from below.
  • Machinery accidents are another cause of injury on construction sites and these can be from defective equipment, insufficient training or a failure to provide workers with the proper safety equipment to prevent injury.
  • Trip, slips and falls are quite common and there is no lack of opportunity for these on a site.
  • Equipment that has been left out, holes left unfilled, cave ins from trenches and slippery surfaces can all be cause for injury. If workers have not been properly protected, then the employer must take responsibility for the injuries and a claim can be filed.

Get Help with your Claim

If you or someone you love has been injured in a construction accident as a result of someone's negligence in the Alpharetta or surrounding area, you should consult with an  Alpharetta personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. At the Williamson Law Firm, we are experienced in handling construction accidents and will work with you to file a claim.

Most employers carry worker's compensation and this can often handle expenses connected to an accident, but not always. Other expenses may be incurred and you may not be able to work for awhile if you are badly injured. In cases where more compensation is needed, it is sometimes possible to hold other sources responsible as well, which might include manufacturers, subcontracting firms or equipment leasing companies if they, in some manner, contributed to the accident or injury. Our firm can investigate this for you. We have helped many of our clients get the compensation they not only need, but deserve. 

Contact an Alpharetta construction accident attorney in our office for a free consultation and we will review the details or your case.

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