The Williamson Law Firm Articles Failure to Wear a Seat Belt, or Seat Belt Failure?

Failure to Wear a Seat Belt, or Seat Belt Failure?

By The Williamson Law Firm  Sep. 19, 2011 3:49p

On more than one occasion, it has been falsely determined that people were not wearing their seat belts when they were thrown from the vehicle to their deaths.  In cases like these, the accident investigator needs to know exactly what to look for that will give him the right clues as to whether the person was wearing their seat belt or not. Seat belt systems can fail and give the false impression that the person was not wearing the belt during an accident, especially in a vehicle roll over situation.

An Experienced Investigator is Necessary

An educated and experienced investigator will know that side release seatbelts are sometimes known to false latch and the end release seatbelts are known to sometimes unlatch during accidents.  There have been many cases where buckles, seat belt mounts, webbing, and grabbers have failed and contributed to injury in car accidents.  Internal documents have been uncovered in court cases where manufacturers had prior knowledge of these faulty mechanisms and settlements resulted for those who were injured in accidents.

When an individual has been ejected from a vehicle during an accident, the investigator needs to check    to see if the body has seat belt bruising; the webbing needs to be thoroughly inspected for grabber marks, tears, blood stains, and any other signs that would indicate if the belt was in use when the accident occurred. It is not sufficient to assume the person was not wearing a seat belt because they were thrown from the vehicle.   

Get Competent Legal help in Alpharetta

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident and you suspect it may have been related to seat belt failure, you should contact an  Alpharetta personal injury attorney as soon as possible. You may be eligible to receive compensation for any injuries if it is determined that the seat belt was defective.  Don't wait to act as valuable evidence can get lost or misplaced which could have been important to support your case.

 At The Williamson Law Firm we can help. We have successfully represented clients in many different types of personal injury matters including defective products and are here to defend your rights and help you obtain compensation for your injuries. We thoroughly investigate and review the details of each case we accept in order to build strong and well documented cases resulting in maximum compensation for our clients.

For aggressive and thorough representation relating to any product defect injuries,contact an Alpharetta defective product lawyer at our firm to arrange a free case evaluation today.

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