McGee, Lerer & Associates Articles Drunk Driver Hauls Victim for Two Miles

Drunk Driver Hauls Victim for Two Miles

By McGee, Lerer & Associates  Mar. 11, 2013 12:22p

A drunk driver who hit her victim went on to drive for more than two miles with the man stuck on the hood of her car last November. The Los Angeles woman was charged with manslaughter after crashing into a 31 year-old man who became embedded on her hood and who later died in a local hospital from his injuries. The incident occurred in Torrance. Eventually the drunk woman was stopped after a group of people saw the man on her hood and encircled her vehicle. The victim had been crossing a street when the driver crashed into him. Her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was later found to be twice the legal limit, which is .08 percent.

According to the Century Council which gathers statistics regarding drunk driving, more than three people in every 100,000 in this country died as a result of drunk driving in 2010. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention reports that approximately one-third of all traffic accident fatalities are associated with drunk driving. Through tougher laws, educational programs, and groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), injuries and deaths related to impaired driving have been declining for years. Despite this, far too many people are seriously injured or killed in traffic accidents where at least one person has tested positive for impairment from alcohol and / or drugs, whether illegal drugs, doctor-prescribed medications, or over-the-counter substances.

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