McGee, Lerer & Associates Articles Public Health Alert on Foster Farms Raw Chicken

Public Health Alert on Foster Farms Raw Chicken

By McGee, Lerer & Associates  Nov. 7, 2013 2:45p

A public health alert has recently been issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Food and Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) regarding Foster Farms raw chicken products. The products in question have come from three production facilities in California and were distributed to stores in California, Oregon, and Washington. The alert was issued due to reports of illness in consumers who ate the chicken products. The illnesses were linked to certain strains of salmonella, bacteria which causes foodborne illness. According to various news reports, between 278 and 338 people were sickened by the contaminated chicken, resulting in 42 percent of these people requiring hospitalization. 77 percent of the cases occurred in California.

As a result, the government of Mexico banned the importation of Foster Farms chicken from the three facilities which were identified with the salmonella outbreak. The head of Foster Farms apologized publicly for the problem but also said his company was not able to figure out where the dangerous contamination came from or why inspectors from his company and the government could not detect it before his products were released to consumers. The company failed to recall any of its chicken products, defending its decision not to do so. The FSIS is continuing its investigation into the problem while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state health officials continue to keep a close watch on the outbreak.

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The above story is an example of a defective product which causes health damage to consumers. The resulting foodborne illness can lead to medical expenses, loss of income, and other financial losses as well as pain and suffering. Luckily in the above outbreak no one has died. Defective product cases like this can often lead to injury claims from those who have been harmed when negligence and liability are linked to the consumer product manufacturers and producers involved.

If you believe you have been harmed by a defective or dangerous product, whether it is a food product, an appliance, car, auto part, or anything else sold to consumers, you may have grounds for a defective product claim. You will need to bring your case to the attention of a competent attorney in this field of law who can review the facts and circumstances surrounding your injury or illness to determine your legal rights and options. McGee, Lerer & Associates is a personal injury firm serving clients in and around Long Beach. The firm has extensive experience in this field and works on a contingency fee basis. Contact their offices for a free consultation about your potential injury claim as soon as possible.

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