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The Immense Risk of Working While Intoxicated

If you call a St. Louis workers compensation attorney after sustaining damage at work, there is an excellent chance that you’ll get the legal assistance you need. One exception is if you were ...

Physical Assault and Workers’ Compensation

The most common type of workplace injury claims come from accidents. A few typical examples include falling, getting a limb caught in machinery, and lifting too heavy of a load. Still, plenty of ...

Why You Always Need to Come to Work Sober

Though some employees would never come to work intoxicated, others frequently do. Additionally, some workers may go to work under the influence without fully realizing it, due to their substance being ...

Can I Obtain Workers’ Compensation for a Heart Attack?

When you picture a workplace injury, you probably think of something like a broken bone or strain. What you don’t imagine is heart attacks, but people have them at work quite frequently.

The Differences Between Personal Injury and Workers Comp Cases

You have probably heard about these two legal concepts before, but with no background in law, you might not know much about them. First, let’s go over their definition. A personal injury case is when ...

How Social Media Posts Can Impact Workers Comp Claims

There is nothing better than spending some time out of town with family and friends during the summer. Once all the photos and videos taken to commemorate your getaway are taken, the most likely place ...

What Happens If You Opt out of Workers’ Compensation as a Business Owner?

If you are a business owner in the state of Missouri and employ more than five employees, or in the construction industry, you have more than one, you are required to carry workers’ compensation ...

Getting a Fair Workers Comp Settlement Amount

When you are injured on the job, you are generally entitled to receive compensation for the time that you are out of work. In Missouri, it is also possible for the worker to receive compensation in ...

What Can Happen to Your Workers' Compensation Benefits?

If you have received warning that your workers’ compensation benefits are going to terminate due to Form 24, it is critical that you speak with a St. Louis workers’ compensation attorney. If you are ...

Are You Covered Under Workers' Compensation From Day One?

As odd as it may sound, it is not that unusual to be injured on your first day of work. In some industries, accidents happen on the first day frequently, because workers aren’t always sure what they ...

Missouri Worker Compensation for Loss of Smell and Taste

It may be difficult to imagine a life without the sense of smell and taste. An episode of the flu or a sinus infection, wherein temporary loss of smell and taste is common, is enough to make a person ...

The Importance of Eye Protection in the St. Louis Workplace

Depending on your occupation and/or position at work, you should wear proper protective eye wear. Even if you do not encounter projectile objects and debris, it is still possible to sustain eye ...

Can You Sue Your Employer for a St. Louis Work Injury?

Due to the high cost of covering injured employees when they were injured on the job, states started mandating that employers carry workers’ compensation insurance. In Missouri, an employer is ...

New Research on Who is at the Top of the Workplace Injury Risk List

Recently, some interesting research was conducted into workplace injury risks faced by different types of workers. This research was conducted jointly by Boston University and the University of ...

Injury Risks Faced by White Collar Workers - Workers Compensation Lawyer

According to NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), there is a significant need to address the white collar worker injury due to stressful working environment.

OSHA Injury Reporting Last Year - St. Louis Workers Compensation Attorney

In 2015 OSHA implemented new requirements for reporting work injuries.

Preventing Workplace Injuries Related to Collisions - Workers Comp Attorney

Cars accidents are a leading cause of death in the U.S., and a large percentage of these accidents occur at work. It is estimated that workplace motor vehicle accidents cost employers more than $47 ...

Jobs with High Risk of Occupational Illnesses - St. Louis Work Comp

Workers in many industries are exposed to harmful substances that can cause occupational diseases.

Workers Comp for Repetitive Stress Injuries - Kansas City Injury Lawyer

Hernia, sciatica, carpel tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve entrapment are all examples of repetitive stress injuries that can be caused due to work. These injuries are painful and affect the worker’s ...

How Safety Inspections Can Prevent Work Injuries - St. Louis Lawyers

Failure to conduct routine safety inspections increases risk of worker injuries.
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