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Can't Return to Work After St Louis Work Injury

By James Hoffmann  Mar. 30, 2019 3:23p

The first crucial step that injured workers take is obtaining benefits with the help of a St. Louis workers compensation attorney. Doing so should take care of their finances, but there is another battle that those with the most severe damages must fight. It is the massive changes that they experience in their lifestyle. What often happens is going from a conventional schedule at work to one that has little or no structure. Below, we explain why volunteering is such a worthwhile activity in these situations.

Having a Schedule

The funny thing about having a work schedule is that we often crave days off and vacation time. Then, once we spend a couple of weeks away, we start to want to go back to our jobs. The primary reason why is that having a schedule stabilizes us and simplifies life. One that is entirely ambiguous does the opposite, and often leads to negative emotions. A positive aspect of volunteering is that it gives you a schedule and keeps you busy.

Making Social Connections

One of the most important aspects of your life is the people you spend it with. For most, that means friends, family, and coworkers. The unfortunate truth about severe injuries is that they cut into your social life, as you will often lose your coworkers and be left with an empty space. Volunteering can fill that gap by introducing you to a new crop of like-minded people. You might even meet someone who makes a significant imprint on your life.

Giving Back Feels Good

One thing that mental health researchers have found over and over again is that giving back feels good. The precise mechanism is unclear, but many think that taking attention off of yourself and giving it to someone else has a therapeutic effect. All you need to know, though, is that it works. Volunteering for a worthy cause will almost surely give you positive emotions and a feeling of meaning.

Staying Sharp

Those with significant disabilities often spend their days consuming entertainment, like television. Unfortunately, this activity tends to make them dull over time. Volunteering helps you avoid this outcome in two ways. First, there is often some level of problem-solving in these positions, which keeps your mind in good shape. Second, the simple act of being social also helps with brain function. Combine the two, and you have an activity that will keep you sharp as you get older.

You get injured, hire a St. Louis work injury attorney, obtain a benefits package, and then what? Many employees have trouble with making this decision, as their physical state does not allow them to find work. One activity that regularly satisfies this ambiguity is volunteering. Taking it up often leads to positive developments like having a schedule, making social connections, and much more. If you’re an injured worker that is searching for something more, exploring volunteering is well worth your time and attention.

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