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Workers Compensation Claims for Burn Injuries

By James Hoffmann  Dec. 8, 2019 12:07p

Whenever people hear about workers' compensation claims for burn injuries, they think about chemical or electric burns. But, out of the 5,000 that get hospitalized each year after getting burned at work, most of them suffer from thermal burns. Boiling liquids, such as hot water, tea or coffee can lead to serious injuries that may require surgery and extensive treatment to heal.

As trivial as it may seem, getting burned while using the coffee machine or because you spilled hot coffee on your desk means that you may be entitled to workers' compensation.

Workers Compensation Claim for Burns

One of the most important things our St. Louis workers comp attorneys always stress about is getting examined by a doctor when you get injured. Burns are high-risk injuries and even minor ones can lead to blistering, swelling, and possible infections that might require you to take time off work.

More than that, not seeing a doctor after you got injured or delaying seeing one could also affect your workers' compensation claim. The insurance company could argue that your injuries aren't that bad or even that you got hurt outside of work. It would be hard to deal with that if you don't have a paper trail documenting your injuries.

When Workers Comp Is Not Enough

A severe burn might require countless surgeries, physical therapy, and other rehabilitation treatments. In some cases, spilling hot liquid on your hand could also mean the loss of fingers, making you partially disabled.

If that is the case, then workers' compensation may not be enough to cover the cost of treatment and lost wages. The law says that you will receive benefits until you reach maximum medical improvement, which means that your doctor provided the treatment that you need, but doesn't expect your condition to get substantially better.

But, what if your injuries have impaired your ability to work? Then, you may qualify for permanent or total disability benefits. Or, if your injuries were caused by a third-party, such as a defective coffee machine, then you may consider a personal injury suit against the manufacturer. Consult with your St. Louis work injury lawyer to determine the best option for your case and how you should proceed.

Have You Been Injured at Work?

A lot of employees tend to ignore minor injuries. They rarely see a doctor for things like a grease splatter or superficial cut. But, if these injuries worsen and require expensive treatment, then it's going to be hard to receive compensation if you can't prove that they are work-related.

A good St. Louis workers comp lawyer can guide you and advise you so that you make the best decision for your health and needs. Call (314) 361-4300 for a FREE case evaluation.

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