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Obtaining Missouri Workers Compensation for a Shoulder Injury

By James Hoffmann  Feb. 27, 2019 2:48p

The three main bones of the shoulder are held together by muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Since there are many parts that make up the shoulder, it is possible for a person to injure their shoulder in a variety of different ways.

If a Missouri employee injures their shoulder while working, they are generally entitled to workers compensation benefits. This is true whether the injury is temporary or permanent. Several factors determine the amount of compensation an injured work will receive, including medical expenses and lost wages.

Common Shoulder Injuries

Most shoulder injuries involve muscles, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. Workers are especially prone to shoulder injuries due to repetitive motions on a regular basis. A Missouri employee may suffer from an acute shoulder injury or pain can develop over time. Common shoulder injuries include:

Arthritis - This is a result of the smooth outer covering of the bone wearing down over time. As the cartilage wears away and becomes rough, there is a decrease in the protective space between bones. During movement the bones begin to rub against each other during movement which causes pain.

Frozen Shoulder - This condition is characterized by pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint. Symptoms often begin slowly, perhaps over a period of 1 to 2 years, and worsen over time. Treatment options include surgical and nonsurgical options depending on the severity of the condition.

Dislocated Shoulder - Because the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body it is susceptible to dislocation. When this occurs it typically causes weakness, numbness, or tingling near the injury or down the person's arm. There may also be intense pain and inablity to move the joint.

Rotator Cuff Tears - The rotator cuff is a group of tendons and muscles that surround the shoulder joint. This group of muscles keep the ball of a persons upper arm bone firmly within the shoulder socket. Employees who perform repetitive motions involving overhead tasks are more likely to suffer from a rotator cuff tear. The pain from this injury is often described as a dull ache that is felt deep within the shoulder. A person may have weakness in their arm and difficulty reaching over or behind their head.

Additionally, there are other shoulder injuries a worker may suffer from including, peripheral nerve impairment, impingement, bursitis, and tendonitis.

If you have sustained a shoulder injury while working or as a result of your work, you should notify your employer as soon as possible and seek medical treatment. Next, speak with an experiened St. Louis workers compensation attorney as soon as possible to ensure your legal rights are protected.Give us a call 24/7 at (314) 361-4300.

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