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Motorcyclist Dies in Crash with Pickup Truck

By Kirklin & Soh, LLP  Mar. 8, 2013 10:00a

A 57-year-old man died in a recent motorcycle accident in Houston. The crash happened just after 7:00 in the evening on Friday. The 57-year-old, D.M., was riding his motorcycle east on Genoa Red Bluff Rd. while a pickup truck pulling a trailer with lawn equipment was travelling west. The truck began making a left turn onto another road when he crossed in front of D.M. on the eastbound side of the roadway. The motorcyclist was unable to stop his bike in time and crashed into the trailer. Fire rescue arrived at the scene as quickly as possible but D.M. had suffered severe injuries and had died. The police report states that the driver of the pickup truck did not show any signs of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs and was not taken into custody. Police did cite the man for failure to yield right of way during the left turn. Work with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible if you were hurt or lost someone you care about in a motorcycle accident that was caused by someone else.

All who use Houston roadways share in the responsibility of being alert to the presence of other drivers and doing everything possible to avoid collisions. This is true no matter what kind of vehicle is on the road. Truck and car drivers alike must look out for smaller vehicles such as motorcycles. Carelessness or recklessness in this regard can mean a fatal accident. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable when it comes to auto collisions and can suffer much more severe injuries than those in the protection of a car or truck. You may be entitled to substantial compensation if you suffered injuries in a crash that was not your fault.

Were you injured in a motorcycle accident in Houston?

Motorcycle accidents can mean broken bones, head trauma, back injuries, spinal cord damage, concussion, fractures, serious cuts and bruises, paralysis or death. The medical bills and other related expenses can add up fast and cause even more anguish for victims. That is why it is so important to begin working with an injury attorney on your injury or wrongful death claim as soon as possible. Contact us at the Kirklin & Soh, LLP to schedule a time to discuss your case. See what our over 30 years of experience may be able to do for you and your family.

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