Kirklin & Soh, LLP Articles USDA Expands Meat Inspections to Include Search for Additional E. coli Strains

USDA Expands Meat Inspections to Include Search for Additional E. coli Strains

By Kirklin & Soh, LLP  Jun. 8, 2012 1:03p

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has expanded the number of bacteria to look for when certifying ground beef. Food inspectors already search for various dangerous bacteria such as the infamous E. coli when checking beef but now they will include six more strains of this particular bacterium. While there are several hundred different E. coli strains, only a few are dangerous when consumed by people. The dangerous strains can cause severe illness including gastrointestinal distress in the form of stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea which can become bloody. Food tainted with E. coli can also cause major kidney problems requiring hospitalization. If you, a family member or other loved one has gotten sick from eating a food product that was contaminated or not properly prepared or packaged then it is important to know your legal options. A Houston defective product lawyer knowledgeable in harmful food and container cases may be able to help you obtain financial damages.

Food with Possibly Dangerous Strains Will Be Handled More Rapidly

USDA inspectors that discover a sample is positive for a dangerous E. coli strain can now act more quickly (24 to 48 hours sooner than in the past) to get the questionable product removed from shelves until further confirmation of contamination can be confirmed. If the beef is contaminated, a recall may be issued in an effort to protect people from illness.

Do you need the help of a Houston food products and containers attorney?

We count on Houston grocery stores, restaurants and others involved in the food industry to make sure their food is safely handled and packaged so consumers don't get sick. When quality and safety standards are ignored or not diligently adhered to and people are harmed then it is time to speak with a food products and containers lawyer serving the Houston area. An attorney at our firm has helped clients who have become ill due to another's negligence. Food that has spoiled or been contaminated due to faulty or insufficient packaging or improper handling can make someone very sick—possibly requiring hospitalization and extensive missed work. If you got sick after eating food that you suspect came under this category then we may be able to help you get compensation for pain, medical bills, loss of earnings and any other fallout that occurred as a result. Contact us at the Kirklin & Soh, LLP to schedule in initial consultation as soon as possible.

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