October, 2016 Videos

Hurt and Can't Afford Medical Treatment

If you've been hurt by someone else's negligence and you can't afford medical care, Warriors For Justice may be able to help. Watch this video, then visit our blog online at ...
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Respondeat Superior

Respondeat Superior is a legal term that in Latin means "Let the Master Answer." It is used to hold an employer responsible for the negligence of its employee. To learn more, visit our blog at ...
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Rental insurance

Rental insurance will provide you with a rental car in the event your car is damaged or totaled in the wreck. Rental insurance typically pays for a rental even if you are at fault.
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Fort Worth Car Wreck Lawyer

The Warriors for Justice are here to help you fight the insurance companies and collect every bit of compensation you're owed. If you've been injured in a car wreck, call the Warriors For Justice at ...
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