May, 2013 Videos

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Meet Lauri Goldstein

An introduction to founding partner, Lauri Goldstein.
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Working Hard for the Injured

An introduction to Goldstein, Schmitt & Wade.
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Slip/Trip and Fall Commercial

We here at Goldstein, Schmitt & Wade, P.L. are here working hard for the injured.
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General Informative Commercial

This video is an informative commercial from Goldstein, Schmitt & Wade, P.L. in Stuart, Florida.
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How Much Does it Cost?

A brief explanation of personal injury fees.
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Meet David Aversa

Watch a brief introduction to Attorney David Aversa.
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Auto Accident Commercial

How Goldstein, Schmitt & Wade, P.L. can assist those involved in an automobile accident.
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Meet Thomas Schmitt

A brief introduction to Thomas Schmitt and what he can do to help you.
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What if I don't have insurance?

A brief explanation of Florida Law regarding insurance.
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Dog Bite Commercial

When involved in a dog bite accident, know your rights and contact an attorney.Goldstein, Schmitt & Wade is always working hard for the injured and their rights.
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Meet Aaron Chatenka

An introduction to Attorney Aaron Chatenka.
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Animal Attacks and Dog Bites

Personal Injury Attorney Tom Dunnion talks about the debilitating injuries, both physical and mental, that can be caused from animal attacks.
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Attorney Fees

Tom Dunnion explains what contingency fees are.
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The Dunnion Law Firm

Personal Injury Attorney Tom Dunnion discusses his firm's extensive experience and background.
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Call Tom Dunnion

If you don't get help, some insurance company will rip you off
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I got hurt in a car wreck and I have some questions
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How Long Will It Take?

Attorney Tom Dunnion speaks about the length of time it may take to settle your case.
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The Truth About Insurance Companies

Mr. Dunnion discusses insurance companies and how they may not always have your best interest in mind.
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The Big Settlement

I wanted the big settlement, I called Tom Dunnion
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Let Us Fight For You

There is no way I could have got the big settlement without Tom Dunnion's help.
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