July, 2012 Videos

Commercial 2

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Commercial 1

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Commercial 3

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Injured Bikers

We represent injured bikers. Call us today!
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Meet Charles R. "Bud" Stack

Founding partner Charles "Bud" Stack shares about his history in Brevard County.
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Strength and Experience

Attorney Mike Kirby explains that you need a strong and experienced team of attorneys on your side!
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We Are Your Neighbor

Attorney David Gordon explains that our attorneys are more than a law firm, we are your neighbors!
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Why Hire High Stack - 50 Years of Experience

Attorney "Bud" discusses why you should high High Stack Gordon and Kirby.
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Hard Work Part 2

Our hard work and dedication has paid off for over 50 years.
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Meet Mike Kirby

Attorney Mike Kirby shares about his experience in The United States Air Force Academy.
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Our Reputation

High Stack is known by insurance companies for being tough and aggressive attorneys.
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Hard Work Part 1

We have successfully represented victims for 50 years!
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High Stack - Serving Brevard County for 50 Years

Attorney David Gordon talks about High Stack and our 50 years of serving Brevard County.
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