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Nursing Home Abuse Statistics

By The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus  Feb. 4, 2013 9:35a

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is a very real problem in the United States. According to statistics gathered by the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), close to six million cases of elder abuse occurred in 2010. The most common form of elder abuse, at 58.5 percent, was neglect. Neglect in nursing homes can lead to injuries and health problems for residents, such as bed sores, malnutrition, mistakes made concerning medications, dehydration, lack of basic hygiene, improper medical care, and more. Further statistics from the NCEA reveals that 91 percent of nursing homes do not have enough staff to properly care for residents and that 36 percent of all nursing homes have been cited in violation of elder abuse laws.

Nursing home neglect and abuse is often difficult to detect. Those with family members or friends in nursing homes should become aware of the signs of neglect or abuse and report their suspicions to nursing home administrative personnel. Where this does not resolve the problem, they may need to resort to legal action to protect their loved one as well as others who may become future victims. Nursing home neglect or abuse may form the basis of a personal injury claim or lawsuit for which legal compensation for damages may be sought on behalf of victims.

Los Angeles Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

In any nursing home neglect or abuse matter in or around Los Angeles, you can rely on a dedicated and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer at the The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus. The firm's attorneys have the experience and commitment to help you with skilled legal advice and guidance where any type of unscrupulous conduct has occurred in the care of your family member. They are committed to protecting the rights of our most vulnerable citizens in such situations and have been doing so for the last decade.

Getting legal representation in any type of personal injury matter can make a substantial difference in the results you achieve through legal action. Contact the firm to schedule a free consultation with an attorney about the specifics of your nursing home abuse or other personal injury case today.

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