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Trucking Accidents in the United States

Estimates of the number of trucks operating in the United States are around 15.5 million, of which 2 million are tractor trailers. It is estimated that more 3.5 million truck drivers operate these ...

Drug Recalls Rise in Recent Years

Drug recalls rose 309 percent in 2009. According to the Food and Drug Administration, the number of drugs recalled from the market in 2008 was 426. Those recalled in 2009 numbered 1,742. Drug recalls ...

Motorcycle Accident Statistics in the United States

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle registrations account for only 3 percent of all vehicle registrations in this country. In 2007, however, 13 percent ...

Insurance Companies and Personal Injury Claims

If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident or in some other scenario in which negligence or misconduct was the underlying cause, you are probably in a state of confusion and ...

Damages in Auto Accident Claims or Lawsuits

Being involved in an auto accident can result in all types of injuries and harm which can range in severity. How these injuries manifest in the accident victim will depend on that person’s age, ...

Dangerous Auto Product Results in Woman’s Permanent Paralysis and $24.7 Million Dollar Verdict

When Ms. J.K. was stopped at a traffic light in Pasadena California and was rear-ended by another vehicle, little did she know at the time that a deadly auto defect would soon come into play leaving ...

Infant Seriously Injured in Downtown Los Angeles Car Accident

Just two months ago in the downtown Los Angeles area, a two month old boy suffered life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car while in his stroller.

Legal Help for Children’s Injuries

Children lack the intelligence, understanding, brain maturation and wisdom to completely protect their self from physical and emotional harm.

Who Should Be Held Accountable For Your Injuries?

Aside from natural causes, when people sustain injuries to their body that affect their physical and emotional wellbeing, the injuries are typically a result of some form of an accident, either on ...

Driver Accused Of DUI In Fatal Walnut Park Car Crash

Law enforcement officials have arrested a driver they suspect was intoxicated when he crashed into a pedestrian, killing him, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Hand Transplant For Victim Of Accident

A California woman underwent surgery last month to have a donated hand transplanted onto her arm, just one of 14 successful hand transplants in the U.S. to date.

Recovering the Full Value of Your Insurance Claim

What can you do to recover the full, fair value of your insurance claim after a car accident? This can be a difficult issue to address, but with an attorney at your side you have the opportunity to ...
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