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Driver Accused Of DUI In Fatal Walnut Park Car Crash

By The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus  Apr. 22, 2011 3:30p

Pedestrian Killed By Out Of Control Vehicle

Law enforcement officials have arrested a driver they suspect was intoxicated when he crashed into a pedestrian, killing him, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The report issued by police announced that a 42-year old man was walking in Walnut Park, a neighborhood in southeast L.A., when he was slain by an allegedly drunk driver. Only 23 years old, the suspect has driving on California Street, heading east, when he reportedly lost control of his vehicle and slammed into the pedestrian. The incident is alleged to have occurred at approximately 1:00 in the morning on Monday, April 18th.

An officer with the California Highway Patrol told reporters that the suspected drunken driver first failed to yield properly at the stop sign at the intersection of California and Pacific Boulevard, and then somehow spun out of control and crashed into the sidewalk, where the man was walking. He continued on without stopping, driving down the street a ways before finally colliding into a brick wall and flipping over. Authorities report that he sustained minor injuries from the accident, and was taken to Lynwood for treatment of the wounds at St. Francis Medical Center. It has not yet been clarified whether the victim died on the scene or at a hospital.

Charges are pending in the case, though authorities say they believe the suspect will be charged with DUI as well as manslaughter.

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