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Tips on Dog Bite Prevention

Jun. 19, 2013 2:11p

Dog bites are usually preventable. There are safety guidelines which when one follows they can reduce the chances of being bitten by a dog. First, if you are planning to own a dog or you are a new owner it is wise to get information about the breeds and then settle for the puppy which perfectly fits your demand. Consulting a vet is the best place to start from. Since children holds the record for the highest number of dog bites, experts advice that parents should not own a dog until there child is older than four years.
Some of the top ten tips on dog bite injury prevention thus include:

- Always avoid teasing a dog or placing it in a place it feels endangered.

- Never a try to pet dog through a fence or over it, this may make it feel threatened.

- A sleeping, eating, nursing, snarling or barking dog is nothing to go near, keep your distance.

- Always keep your pet in a different room or far from the door each time a postal carrier comes visiting.

- When leaving or withdrawing, DO NOT run, simply turn sides ways and slowly walk away.

- If you must look at the dog, do not stare directly at it in the eyes.

- Be cautious when you spot a stray dog.

- It is not wise to leave small child with a dog, alone.

- Keep calm when a dog comes to sniff you because it will realize you are not a threat and leave you.

- You feel like telling a story to a dog? Do it softly and gently.

As you can see, proving these aspects also require the help of a lawyer experienced in dog bite injuries. Visit our full Lansing Dog Bite Attorney page for additional content on dog bites in Michigan.

All dogs can bite irrespective of their breeds if provoked. Dog bites are serious but they can be prevented. The best manner of prevention is employment of diligence and use of common sense. Teaching kids how to behave around dogs always prevents the chances of a bite. Again, responsible ownership of pets equally reduces the chances of the pet biting people.

All in all, if you ever happen to suffer a serious dog bite injuries which you believe were due to the pet owner's negligence then it would be most advisable to go get your lawyer and let the owner take responsibility. Experienced lawyers will help you file a case against the irresponsible owner but it takes the efforts of a brilliant attorney to know the right course of action to take in any dog bite injury case.

Laws on dog bites

Each state and country has its laws and regulations on injuries from dog attacks which stipulate a person's rights when bitten by a dog. In most cases it usually the dog's owner who bears responsibility for the damages and injuries. Furthermore, the laws apply to dogs of all ages, gender and breeds. If another person apart from the owner was with the dog at the time of the incident, the person could too be investigated to find out if he also should bear the responsibility.

However, the owner will not be charged if it is proven that;

- The victim had tress passed or entered a private property without the consent of the owner

- The victim had in way provoked the aggressive behavior of the dog.

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