The Clark Law Office Articles Limited Tort and Full Tort Auto Insurance Policies

Limited Tort and Full Tort Auto Insurance Policies

By The Clark Law Office  Apr. 11, 2012 7:09p

Limited Tort Auto Insurance Policies

Limited tort car insurance has a few more restrictions compared to full tort car insurance and no-fault car insurance. Limited tort and full tort policies are very similar except for one fact. Both of these policies allow a driver to bring a lawsuit against the negligent party in the auto accident, but under limited tort insurance an individual waives the right to receive compensation for pain and suffering. If pain and suffering is a large part of the case, it is usually a vast majority of the compensation award. This is why it is important to carry full tort auto insurance if you are financially capable of doing so. No-fault insurance is much different from full tort or limited tort insurance. In a no-fault state, you have the right to receive medical expenses and other financial compensation from your own insurance company instead of the insurance company of the driver at fault. In other words, it does not matter whose fault the accident was when receiving compensation. You must prove that your injuries are related to the accident and that your injuries are verified by a medical doctor.

Full Tort Auto Insurance Policies

Different states require different types of car insurance and you must do your own research to find out more information about your particular states requirements by law. You should do some research and contact The Clark Law Office - who is a Michigan auto accident attorney who has a vast amount of knowledge regarding auto insurance policies. The most common types of auto insurance include no-fault insurance, limited tort insurance, and full tort insurance. Full tort insurance gives a victim the legal right to sue the other driver for negligence. If a driver has full tort car insurance, they are protected against any type of financial loss if they are not negligent in the accident. The main difference between full tort insurance and limited tort insurance is that pain and suffering compensation is not available to people who have purchased limited tort car insurance. Pain and suffering is collected by a driver who endures intense pain and has suffered following the accident. You should take this fact into close consideration when you are purchasing your car insurance policy. Most people think that they'll never be involved in a car accident, but it is nice to have additional insurance in the rare occurrence that you are involved in a car accident.

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