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The Leading Causes of Auto Accidents

Jun. 19, 2013 2:03p

Common Causes Of Auto Accidents And How To Avoid Them

The following are some of the leading Causes of Auto Accidents and how one can avoid them in order to reduce the number of deaths on our roads:

Driver Fatigue - This is the common cause of accidents during the night. Most drivers become drowsy during this time hence resulting in impaired judgment leading to accidents. Drivers frequently yawn while their eyelids become heavy. They often misjudge the traffic situations and always feel irritated. Accidents caused through the driver's fatigue can be avoided by taking breaks after driving for more than two hours, avoiding driving when tired and through sharing of the driving if it is a long drive.

Distraction of the Driver - This cause of auto accidents usually happens when the driver is not paying full attention to driving. Some of the things that can cause distraction of the driver include texting or talking on a mobile phone, adjusting the radio station, reading newspapers or books, eating or drinking while driving. These things always make drivers to miss traffic signs hence leading to accidents. Accidents caused through distraction of the driver can be avoided by banning of the use of cell phones and reading of newspapers while driving

Influence of Alcohol or Drugs - A person who drives while under the influence of alcohol or drugs which causes impaired judgment always lose control of the road and cause accidents. Accidents caused by drunk driving can be prevented through avoiding drinking alcohol before driving or avoiding driving if one is are drunk.

Excessive Speed - The risk of a driver causing an accident increases as the speed of the vehicle increases. This is because when a driver applies brakes, it will take longer for the vehicle to slow down hence avoiding a collision with another vehicle is difficult. If the collision occurs, it will be severe leading to fatal deaths. Most drivers know this but they tend to ignore it. This cause can be prevented by determining the maximum speed used for safe travel in our roads.

Inexperienced Drivers - Most of the drivers involved in Auto Accidents are youths between the age of fifteen and twenty. They lack the experience of driving on all types of conditions. Young drivers are also easily distracted while on the roads. This type of cause can be prevented through setting of rules and monitoring of youths while driving.

Bad Weather - Driving can be made difficult during bad weather such as high winds, heavy rains and hails. This is because it becomes difficult to see the road clearly. This Cause of Auto Accidents can be avoided by driving slowly and leaving enough space between your car and the car in front during bad weather.

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