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Defective and Dangerous Drugs

By Meyerkord, Russell & Hergott  Jul. 25, 2011 1:30p

Product Liability for Drugs and Medicines

With an ever-growing increase of senior citizens in this country's population, prescription drugs for every kind of physical malady and disease have become a booming industry. Not only seniors, but the population in general has come to rely on prescription medicines for allergies, arthritis, pain, depression, cardiovascular problems, infections, erectile dysfunction, bone loss and more. Unfortunately, the price we have paid for this dependency has not only taken money out of our pocketbooks, but, for some, has resulted in new medical problems and even death.

One of the most publicized situations of this kind was the case of the arthritis pain relief drug known as Vioxx. Produced by the pharmaceutical company Merck, it was approved by the FDA in May 1999. In February of 2001, an advisory panel recommended that a warning label be attached to the drug alerting users of cardiovascular problems associated with its use. By 2002, Merck was ordered by the FDA to add this information to the Vioxx label. After various studies throughout 2004 showing that those taking the drug were twice as likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke as those who were not, the drug was withdrawn from the market in September of 2004. The FDA later estimated that Vioxx may have played a major role in 27,785 heart attacks and sudden deaths in those using the drug between 1999 and 2003.

Product Liability Cases: A Growing Concern

The Vioxx story is an example of product liability, where manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers may be held responsible for the injuries and deaths that occur to consumers who use their products in a manner for which they were intended. Drug manufacturers must warn consumers who take their products of possible side effects. In the case of Vioxx, however, it took the FDA and Merck five years to remove a dangerous pharmaceutical from the market after it had damaged the lives of thousands of unsuspecting users.

Every dangerous product case is different, with its own set of unique circumstances, and can be a complex matter to sort out legally. If you have been injured or harmed, however, through the use of a product that proves to be defective, you may be entitled to recover compensationf for the damages you suffered. By discussing your case with an experienced product liability attorney, you can find out whether you have a valid case under product liability laws. In Kansas City, Meyerkord, Russell, & Hergott offers experienced legal representation to clients who have suffered any type of personal injury based on negligence, whether from a dangerous prescription drug, a defective appliance, tainted food, or other defective consumer product. A Kansas City personal injury lawyer at the firm will review your case in a complimentary consultation.

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