McCoy & McCoy Articles Facts You Should Know About Motorcycle Accidents

Facts You Should Know About Motorcycle Accidents

By McCoy & McCoy  Jan. 23, 2011 6:10p

According to reports from law enforcement, one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents is that other drivers on the road did not see the cyclist. Taking this piece of information into account, motorcycle drivers need to be extra cautious while on the road.

As motorcycles are much smaller than cars, they can more easily wind up in other drivers' blind spots making it necessary for cyclists to be extra alert. Unfortunately, other drivers are often not as attentive to driving as they should be and get distracted with numerous things like cell phones, CD players, GPS systems or talking with other passengers, and accidents occur.

Precautions You Can Take

As a motorcyclist, you are far more vulnerable to injury if involved in an accident and for this reason, you can wind up incapacitated. Head and spinal cord injuries are not uncommon along with broken bones, severe burns and permanent injury can be the result. Following are some tips to reduce your chances of having an accident.

  • Ensure your motorcycle is well maintained
  • Wear a good quality helmet
  • Wear eye protection, gloves, boots and a jacket for extra protection
  • Be alert for debris, pot holes or cracks in the road and wet, slick or icy surfaces
  • Watch out for other drivers keeping in mind that they do not always pay proper attention to motorcyclists on the road
  • Ensure you are trained in the operation of a motorcycle as they are different than cars and take special skills
  • Follow traffic laws and avoid making unsafe turns, speeding, dangerously weaving in and out of traffic and so forth.
  • Do not drive if under the influence of drugs or alcohol or if you are fatigued.

Helping You with Recovery

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in the Hartford area due to another driver's negligence, you need to contact a accident attorney as quickly as possible. You may be confronted with large medical expenses, be unable to work for awhile during recovery and will need just compensation to cover these and other possible expenses.

At the Law Offices of McCoy & McCoy, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. We have a high degree of loyalty to our clients and have dedicated our practice to helping those who have been seriously injured; we take it personally as we realize that a serious injury will not only affect you, the injured, but your entire family as well. We do not represent governments, corporations or insurance companies but focus on the individual client in need.

Contact a Hartford Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in our office for a free consultation and we will help get you on the road to recovery.

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